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AP Transco Asst. Executive Engineer (AEE) secures All India 170 Rank in GATE.

-CMD & JMD of AP TRANSCO congratulate the young Engineer.
-GATE score is prerequisite to study M. Tech in reputed Engineering Colleges or for Employment opportunities as Graduate Engineers in major Public Sector Undertakings including Power Sector.

Vijayawada, Neti Patrika Prajavartha :
It is known that, Miss. S. Sasi Bindu working as Assistant Executive Engineer in APTransco at APPCC “Andhra Pradesh power Co ordination committee “, vidyut soudha, Gunadala has secured All India rank of 170 in GATE-2022 held in February 2022 in the Electrical Engineering stream.
She is a native of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. She pursued her Bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal (2013-17 batch). After working in Reliance petrochemicals (RIL NMD) as maintenance engineer during 2017-2018, she has joined APTRANSCO as Assistant Executive Engineer in December-2019 and is presently posted as AEE in Power Purchase wing/APPCC(Andhra Pradesh Power Co-ordination Committee) at Vidyuth Soudha, Vijayawada.
The in charge CMD of AP Transco B Sreedhar IAS and Member Convener/APPCC & JMD in charge APTRANSCO I Prudhivitej IAS have conveyed their heartfelt congratulations to Kum.Sasi Bindu as a matter of encouragement on behalf of the Management.

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